As a trustee or POA agent, I manage and protect estate assets in accordance with the instructions of my clients or their trust documents. I assist with frail, vulnerable and/or incapacitated persons with managing their financial affairs and/or personal care.

My services include:

  • Locating appropriate caregivers for assistance with daily living or finding placement in appropriate care facilities. To this end, after obtaining a professional assessment of need, I use a well-established placement service provider to find the best possible living arrangements.
  • Coordinating a client’s medical needs. Often, a client requires assistance in determining a course of treatment. A court order or a medical power of attorney or advance healthcare directive gives authority to serve in this capacity.
  • Managing a client’s financial affairs, including protection from fraud or abuse. A court order or a durable power of attorney gives authority to serve in this capacity.
  • Utilizing legal and financial advice from professional advisors, such as attorneys, financial planners, and accountants appropriate to the size and complexity of client’s needs.
  • Protecting a client from emotional or physical abuse by family members or caregivers.
  • Communicating with family members and others where appropriate.
  • Ensuring a timely and effective distribution of the estate upon death and possibly avoiding costly probate administration.

My services are useful when:

  • A client is isolated from family
  • A client has a temporary condition, such as surgery or injury.
  • A client has early signs of cognitive impairment
  • A surviving spouse is unable to sort through paperwork
  • A client has vision impairment
  • As an alternative to expensive conservatorship proceedings
  • As a representative payee.